Friday, May 13, 2011

Another Adventure in Raising Alexander

So my 2 yr old is a constant ball of energy.  We learn new things about what to do and not to do when it comes to raising him every day.  Things such as he can’t have red food dyes, he has to have a strict wake up, nap and bed time schedule, things of that nature (I have a suspicion he has his dad’s ADHD) .  He is curious about everything and tonight was no different.  He put a button cell battery in his mouth; one of those evil little tiny batteries in watches, flashlights and toys.  My oldest son pulled a baggie I had of them out a while back and dropped them, we have hard floors so they went rolling everywhere, I don’t know how many were in it so I didn’t know how many to find.  One turns up still on occasion.  Not sure if they are part of the original pack or if they just keep multiplying.  Anyway, back to tonight’s adventure.  Alexander coughs and spits out one of them.  We proceed to question him if he had swallowed one because my 10 yr old swears there was more than one (he’s known for saying anything to just have something to say so I’m not sure if I should believe him, he is also terrible at paying attention to details right now so he’s not really believable all of the time)  So we call Nana (my mom) and ask her what to do.  I get responses from my silly siblings like tie a string to a magnet, have him swallow a bulb and shake it at around see if it lights up, the neighbor has a metal detector, etc.  Goof balls!  Okay so truth be told I was thinking the same LOL  We hesitate to make too many calls to poison control too close together  for fear they get the wrong idea.  They don’t know Alex and what he is capable even with hawk eye supervision but luckily they were with my mom’s boyfriend who is a firefighter and he made a phone call for me.  I was advised to just make things move and so here we are at 11pm eating strawberries and Chex and drinking juice and I get the raw end of the deal tomorrow.  Ahhh, the joys of motherhood and another adventure in raising Alex! 

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