Thursday, August 9, 2012

I have the sparkly blues.... glitter that is.  I hate glitter.  Really really HATE glitter!  I know "hate" is a strong word but when it comes to glitter it's more than warranted and justified!  I also hate the fact that I failed in the beginning to enact a "No Glitter in the house" rule.  This most likely would have prevented my daughter from bringing it home.  I hate the fact that they even make it much less manufactur it in bucket sized canister.  And I really REALLY hate that it got left where Alex could find it and is now evenly spread all over my house on carpet and hard floor alike (he is good with even distribution) and that it is now stuck to my feet.  For the record, glitter doesn't wash off easily.  Also for the record glitter spreads. Fast.  Faster than the Chicken Pox in a Kindergarten class. So, if you see me all aglow sparkiling in the sunlight it is not because I have suddenly reverted back to my teenage years and made glitter a part of my beauty routine again.  It's because I have glitter stuck to me.  Everywhere.  Probably even where the sun don't shine. Did I mention I hate glitter???