Friday, April 22, 2011

No expectations

I am a giver and a doer, it's just who I am.  I never expect in return and if I get a "Thank You" then it's nice but I never expect it.  My dad was too and I inherited it from him.  He taught me to just do my responsibilities and what's expected of me (and usually then some) with no expectations of my own for what I can get out of it. It's the "Jesus Spirit" I think.  It's how He manifests himself in me and through me.  I guess you could say it's the part of Jesus I identify with.   He gave and did himself right into a grave, fighting on my behalf, with no regards as to whether or not I would ever accept it or say Thank You, simply just to make sure it got done.  This Easter remember what we are celebrating and why and take a moment to check yourself and make sure you have told Jesus "Thank you!!"  If you haven't accepted Him as your saviour it is a simple easy thing to do. 

Pray right there where you are "Lord, I am a sinner, I know I can never be worthy on my own but thanks to your sacrifice I can be.  I ask you to change my heart and make me new and to fill me with your spirit and your love.  Amen." 

If you need someone to talk to I am always here, feel free to email me.

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