Friday, April 22, 2011

No expectations

I am a giver and a doer, it's just who I am.  I never expect in return and if I get a "Thank You" then it's nice but I never expect it.  My dad was too and I inherited it from him.  He taught me to just do my responsibilities and what's expected of me (and usually then some) with no expectations of my own for what I can get out of it. It's the "Jesus Spirit" I think.  It's how He manifests himself in me and through me.  I guess you could say it's the part of Jesus I identify with.   He gave and did himself right into a grave, fighting on my behalf, with no regards as to whether or not I would ever accept it or say Thank You, simply just to make sure it got done.  This Easter remember what we are celebrating and why and take a moment to check yourself and make sure you have told Jesus "Thank you!!"  If you haven't accepted Him as your saviour it is a simple easy thing to do. 

Pray right there where you are "Lord, I am a sinner, I know I can never be worthy on my own but thanks to your sacrifice I can be.  I ask you to change my heart and make me new and to fill me with your spirit and your love.  Amen." 

If you need someone to talk to I am always here, feel free to email me.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Putting it off

It is just one of those days where I'm feeling like why should I even bother if nothing is going to actually get done.  Things didn't go as planned this morning when I went out to get my deals at CVS and Walgreens (Wags was out of most of what I went there to get, left one coupon at home and it took 2 trips out cause I left my CVS card at home and the cashier couldn't figure out how to look it up) and due to a crazy weekend with little sleep the house is a mess and I can't even find or pick a starting point to dig out from under it.  Laundry is overflowing and my 2 yr old has been at it again.  I am one of those persons who if I feel frustrated and overwhelmed then I will inevitably do something wrong in my haste to just get it over with and get it done just to get whatever it is off my back making me even more frustrated so I've learned it is sometimes best to just not rather than loose my salvation trying plus my Daughter has a school program tonight so that means early dinner.  It is one of those days where I am just going to ignore the little things that can wait til tomorrow after I get some sleep and tackle a few big things that are really pressing.  Sometimes for everyone's sake it is just better that way. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Let me be me

I know we all have our soap boxes we like to stand on, those topics we are just so passionate about. I'm sure I am guilty to of an occasional rambling about something.  What I don't understand is why people feel the need to bash others ideas because they are different.  Everyone is entitled to make their own decision, it's the free will God bestowed upon us and we all have the right to exercise it.  The only non-negotiable ones are the ones in the Bible.  God's words are as is.  So feel free to make your case as long as you present it in a factual, kind manner.  Then take or leave it if I do or don't go along with it.  I merely expect you to bestow the same courtesy to me as I do to you. 

Some facts about me:
  1. I am a non/delay-vaccinating mom.
  2. We are public and homeschooling our kids (HS from 6th and up)
  3. We chose circumcision for our sons after much investigation.
  4. We let our kids self-wean from breast, bottle, and pacifier.
  5. We co-Sleep from birth if our baby wants to and for as long as they want to.
  6. I do baby wearing part time.
  7. I do a mix of disposable and cloth diapering.
  8. I only recycle aluminum cans and newspapers and I do use paper towels.
  9. I always question my Dr and do my homework before following their advice.
  10. We do part organic and part whole foods and part Gluten free diets. 

I present these not to start a debate, throw them in your face or say I am better than anyone, I present them to say I am a mom who has made my choices.  I gladly listen to others because I never know when I might learn something and if the subject arises I present my side and how I see it with facts to back it up and how I came to it but I never go around trying to make someone feel bad for their choice to use disposables, vaccinate or bottle feed or follow to a T what a Dr says just because I have a difference of opinion; or any of those other topics that seem to be such nightmare hot button issues.  I just leave it at that.  It's their job to mother their kids with what they see fit and what works for them and my job to do the same.  You wouldn't want someone making you feel like a second rate mom, why do think it is OK to do that to me??