Saturday, February 26, 2011

Alexander the Great

I have a two yr old. Have I ever told you that?  He is a firey little thing who demands a lot of attention and he will get it one way or another.  Right now he is straddling my lap with his face in mine pulling my hair across my face.  Yes this does make it hard to type but I much prefer this method of attention to his usual ways.  He is a very curious little boy.  More than any of my others ever were, put together!  I have 3 kids older than him, 2 boys 1 girl, so you'd think I'd be prepared but nothing prepared me for him.  You know the story "Where the Wild Things Are"?  Well Alex is Max if I ever met one in real life. 

The stories go on and on of things he has broken and messes he has made.  Like the time he squeezed an entire bottle of massage oil on the couches.  Or the time he filled the toilet with his cloth diapers.  He has also dumped a whole bag of powdered sugar out and played in it like a sand box on the kitchen floor, poured soap and shampoo in the bottom of the bathtub so he could slip and slide and loves to stick dog food pellets along the top crack of the oven door so I get a shower on my feet when I open it just to name a few and he runs outside anytime the door is left unlocked and hits up great grandma next door for cookies. 

He is also very rough.  He had to take a trip to the ER because he pulled a screwed in hanging wall lamp out of the wall onto his face and ended up with three stitches, one of which he pulled out on the trip home.  He has always got a new bump or bruise or scratch from one of his latest antics and to him shoes are for sissys, he goes barefoot whereever, whenever no matter what.  I guess to experience things fully (and to get better toe grip! LOL) He really keeps me moving and reeling from whatever his latest stunt was. He has no fear (unless it is a half deflated ballon floating in mid air suspension) and goes whereever he wants to go with no regards to risk.  He is very passionate whether he is loving you or mad at you. 

His saving grace is that he is just so darn CUTE!  He looks at you with this side ways grin and big eyes and you just melt!  He looks just like my dad and acts like him too.  This scares me and gives me hope at the same time.  I've been told that my dad was a little terror as a child and teenager but despite his too short years on this earth he grew up to be one of the greatest men I ever had the privledge to know because he did everything with passion and he accomplished a lot and touched a lot of people.  I can only hope that if I survive raising Alex he will do as much and more than my dad ever dreamed of. 

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