Thursday, October 28, 2010

Early Resolutions....

I used to love writing.  I used to write long ornate letters to my friends in high school and write in a diary.  I found writing to be my one and only release that didn't get me into trouble and I loved it.  So what happened?  Over the years I had less and less time in the day and before I knew it marriage and 4 kids later I can't find time to take a shower sometimes much less get thoughts down on paper (or wordpad now cause who has time to really "write" the old fashioned way)  Well, I am really going to try.  There are a lot of things I want to resolve to do (loose weight, get organized and stay that way, keep the house clean and stay on top of the budget, you know general June Cleaver type stuff) but my resolution to better myself through reading, especially reading my bible, and through getting back to writing are on top of my priority list.  I plan to mix it in on my blog here and maybe the motivation of entertaining the world with some of our misadventures will keep me going.  Sometimes you may wish I hadn't made this resolution but if you decide to stick with me through this adventure I will try to make it as fun as I can and, well, with my kids there is always something to laugh about!

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